Final Reflections on A Textile Vocabulary

Looking back over the work completed for A Textile Vocabulary, I feel that I have developed a number of skills that go beyond the physical creation and manipulation of textiles. I didn’t rework my sketches particularly from Assignment One as I felt that I needed to focus more on my translation of them into textiles. I really struggled with Assignment Two as came to discover that I had been too fixed in my thinking of what I wanted the final outcome to be. Reworking that assignment was my biggest challenge (although smaller changes were made to other assignments) and although it was a gamble, I am glad that I waited until I had completed Assignment Five before attempting it again. Part Five drew together the skills being taught in the earlier sections and I realised that playing with materials with no fixed outcome in mind lead to far more interesting samples. As a result I feel that the reworked samples for Assignment Two are more varied and interesting as can be seen here.

As suggested by my tutor I rephotographed my colour resource book which was created for Assignment Three on a white background and agree that this makes for a much cleaner look to the blog post. I continued this habit and noticed a distinct improvement in the quality of my photography which was backed up by my tutor’s comments on Assignment Four. One comment made by my tutor was to link the yarn samples to the medicinal theme that was developing in my work and so I created a label for the box of yarn samples that created more cohesion with the rest of the work as shown below. I place my more delicate yarn samples into clear tubes that are reminiscent of syringes or specimen/sample tubes. The ridges for the screw mechanism of the tube echo the measurements on the sides of the syringes.

The main constructive comment on my capsule collection created for Assignment Five was that I need to draw stronger links between my work and that of others and so I have attempted to remedy that with the inclusion of a “Patient Information Leaflet” with the textiles. I also used the same presentation of my more delicate yarn sample for Part Five as for those from Part Four Yarn Explorations. I also turned the mini pill replicas into a structure that could be turned into a brooch inspired by pill dispensing cups which can be found in this post.

Assignment Three (Colour Resource Book), Assignment Four (Yarn Collection) and Assignment Five (Capsule Collection) photographed together to show development of ideas.

When photographed together the final three assignments now look as though they are meant to work together as one large collection. As I mentioned in my notes on reworking of Assignment Two, this cohesion wasn’t intentional however this year my health strongly declined and has inadvertently influenced my work. I was inspired by a large range of textile artists who draw inspiration from health conditions and the medications used to treat them including (but not limited to):

I was also inspired by many fashion designers, particularly as much of mainstream fashion is inaccessible or uncomfortable for people with disabilities. This is something I would like to see change in the future, so much so that I set up a not-for-profit (Purple Iris) and therefore designers that have influence my work in this module have included:

In future textile modules I would like to continue to push myself outside my comfort zone both in terms of scale and using unconventional materials as I was encouraged to by my tutor for A Textile Vocabulary in my tutor reports. It was also noted in my tutor reports that I am not consistently linking any research done to my own work and this is something that I need to work on in future modules.

[All links accessed on 19/01/2020]

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