Exercise 3.2: Translation through yarn

The aims of this exercise are to: work on ways of interpreting colour and colour proportions from a 2D image through yarn and material selection and placementextract, explore and present a palette of colours. The first task was to select a good quality postcard of an Old Master's painting. The painting I selected was Diego … Continue reading Exercise 3.2: Translation through yarn

Research Point 2: Digital Colour Resources

Although textiles is predominantly explored physically, this research prompt encourages us to look at a variety of digital colour resources. In order to experiment with these websites and compare them I decided to use a photograph I have taken as the inspiration for building colour palettes. The photograph of a hat made of feathers from … Continue reading Research Point 2: Digital Colour Resources

Research Point 1: Colour Palettes and Proportion

The aim of this research is to look at the colour work of some textile artists and designers starting with the names listed below. Voyage Decoration Voyage Decoration create elegant prints based on themes, many of which have a beautiful watercolour or sketched aesthetic. For example their "Alchemy" prints are based in "[s]hades of blue, … Continue reading Research Point 1: Colour Palettes and Proportion