Assignment Three: Reflections on Feedback

I read the positive comments from my tutor on assignment three with a sense of relief. I was glad to read that there has been a big improvement in the my presentation of my practical work and appreciated the suggestion that to further improve my photographic work I should photograph all my work against a … Continue reading Assignment Three: Reflections on Feedback

Assignment Three: Colour Communication – The Brief and Selection Process

The aims of this assignment are to: employ a process of evaluation and selection of my own workdemonstrate effective design, layout and presentation skills in the visual communication and presentation of my work. The brief is to use the work from Projects One and Two to develop and create a beautifully presented colour resource book. … Continue reading Assignment Three: Colour Communication – The Brief and Selection Process

Review Point: Quality of Outcome

For this module Quality of Outcome is worth 20% of the marks and is defined as 'content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas'. This criteria will be particularly pertinent to Assignment Three so I thought I would pause and take stock at this … Continue reading Review Point: Quality of Outcome

Exercise 3.3: Watercolour Studies

The aims of this exercise are to: explore and gain an understanding of opacities of colour through the observation and recording of transparent and semi-transparent objectsextract colour palettes and proportions of colour from a self-selected first-hand visual source The brief of this exercise was to paint out a series of stripe designs based on the … Continue reading Exercise 3.3: Watercolour Studies