Exercise 1.2: Substance and Story

The three textile samples I chose to look at in Worthing Textile Archive were: A paisley coat c. 1920s (1968/573) A straw hat early-mid 1950s (1982/173) A pair of suede shoes c. 1927 (1963/2430) The Paisley Coat I chose this piece as it is a good example of early 20th century recycling/upcycling. Substance What is … Continue reading Exercise 1.2: Substance and Story

Project 1: Selecting and Identifying

This project will be based on Worthing Textile Archive, a fantastic archive housed within Worthing Museum and Art Gallery which contains over 30,000 items. Unfortunately there is no online catalogue and so I will have to see what catches my eye when I visit. Luckily I have been there before researching bathing suits for next … Continue reading Project 1: Selecting and Identifying