Assignment Four: Reflections on Feedback

I was pleased to read that my attempts to improve the quality of my photography (particularly by using a white background in all images for consistency) has paid off. This is something that I intend to continue, not only in this module but future ones too.

My tutor has suggested that the yarn created in response to the “Head in the Clouds” fabric sample (Exercise 4.2) could be pushed further with the inclusion of more colour to add depth and interest. On reflection, I can see that it does seem to lack the impact of some of my other yarns and intend to play with this yarn before submitting for formal assessment.

It was noted that I haven’t yet submitted my sketchbook and my tutor has only been able to see the images included in this blog, I will make sure that the sketchbook is included with the final assignment submission as it contains many random thoughts and experiments. The only reason it hasn’t been submitted so far is due to the packages being too bulky or heavy to add the sketchbook to.

My tutor has noted that I want to draw on not only the connections to nature but also to medicines and has suggested that the medical link could be made visually stronger by investigating how medicines/medical supplies are packaged, boxed and labelled. This is an exciting idea that I intend to explore with this final assignment – strangely I hadn’t yet thought to make the link through the presentation.

Another useful suggestion was to use thicker white card to mount fragile samples and this is very helpful as although aware that they were very delicate I wasn’t sure of the best way to present these.

The final suggestion is that I need to undertake more independent research into the work of other artists/designers that inspire me. This will be the subject of my next post and my tutor has recommended looking at the textile artist Susie Freeman.

It was also noted that I had mentioned that I considered my textile experiments very similar to laboratory test and my tutor wondered whether I was going to develop this further in the final assignment. Again I hadn’t consciously made the link but the development of the textile samples does have parallels with the development of drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. I am not entirely sure how these ideas will weave themselves into my work but I am excited to explore and find out.

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