Research: Angie Lewin

I have been a fan of Angie Lewin‘s prints for the last couple of years and recently discovered that she has also created a textile collection which can be found here.

I have a copy of her booklet Spey Path & Strandline in which she discusses how she creates watercolour sketches in preparation for creating her prints. Inspired by her watercolour sketch Spey Path Lichen and Seedheads (shown below), I decided to attempt my own watercolour from a still life composed of blooming poppies and feverfew.

My sketch can be seen in the photograph below surrounded by the colour swatches and stripe patterns I was creating simultaneously.

I particularly wanted to practice using watercolour for this piece but was interested to read that Angie Lewin says

I’ve always used watercolour combined with ink, gouache and pencil crayon to create studies… I’m often, possibly subconsciously, limiting the range of colours as I’m already thinking about the printmaking process ahead…”

Angie Lewin, Edinburgh, April 2018 (in Spey Path & Strandline)


Lewin, A. (2018) Spey Path & Strandline Edinburgh: The Scottish Gallery

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