Review Point: Demonstration of creativity

The notes recommend reviewing the assessment criteria for the course at this point, in particular the criterion associated with the demonstration of creativity.

Demonstration of creativity – Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice (20%)

OCA A Textiles Vocabulary Course Notes

In Exercise 4.1, I found I was struggling to come up with yarns that were unusual so decided to focus on this in Exercise 4.2. I enjoyed experimenting with the yarns in the second exercise far more and have noticed that the theme of recycling keeps recurring in my art. A large part of this will be influence by my work with Purple Iris as my tutor pointed out in her feedback on Assignment 3. I particularly liked the yarns inspired by Lewis & Irene’s Hann’s Tree on Blue and also took the opportunity to play with some of the building materials that were on hand due to having building works ongoing. I would have liked to have been more experimental but do find myself playing it safe.

Going forward I intend to continue to expand my idea of what could be transformed into yarn by experimenting with materials that are not traditionally used. This is probably the part that I find most difficult in this section of the course and hopefully by trying to keep the unconventional in mind will allow me to be more imaginative. I could also work on being more inventive in the presentation of my work, particularly as the variety of yarns may need some alternative presentation methods when it comes to submitting Assignment 4.

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