Assignment Three: Reflections on Feedback

I read the positive comments from my tutor on assignment three with a sense of relief. I was glad to read that there has been a big improvement in the my presentation of my practical work and appreciated the suggestion that to further improve my photographic work I should photograph all my work against a white background. I agree that it would provide a slicker and more consistent look to the work and will be doing this in future.

My tutor has also commented that my increased confidence to try new techniques and not adhere to a preconceived idea of outcome was a step forward. This reassurance that I am moving in the right direction artistically is much appreciated and I will endeavour to continue. I very much enjoyed fulfilling the brief in a more personal way with the final multicoloured collage and so am delighted that this is another thing that I should continue to do.

I agree that I need to undertake a more in-depth analysis of my own practical work as often I get the impression a piece is (or indeed isn’t) working and yet haven’t figured out how to pin down what is good or bad beyond a gut instinct.

One comment in particular that surprised me was the encouragement to include references to the projects at Purple Iris (the not-for-profit which I set up and was awarded National Lottery Funding for). There have definitely been influences between that project and my studies for this course and I am delighted that documenting those links is a positive thing.

My tutor recommended looking at the Autumn/Spring Viktor&Rolf collection which was comprised of select fabrics and garments from previous seasons. According to their site “fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren use mementos from a multitude of past collections as a basis for their new creations” and they repurposed buttons, beads and crystals alongside the fabrics. This is something that is very closely aligned to our purposes at Purple Iris and we have a branch which “adopts” clothing and fabric that would otherwise go to landfill and repurposes it into clothing and accessories for people with disabilities. A quote from Viktor&Rolf’s website that resonated was with me was:

The collection ponders over the past, where elements from past iconic collections are carefully scrutinized before being lovingly reworked into a new order. The past is looked at in a new light and used as a stepping-stone for the new, the more durable. As such, recycling is used as a means of expression rather than a goal in itself, reflecting a thoughtful attitude and a focus on conscious designing.
JUL 6 2016

I think the reason this resonated was that one of the aims I have for Purple Iris is to create employment opportunities for other people with disabilities and so the act of recycling is also a vehicle for empowering people with skills and less reliance on others. When I became disabled, I noticed how stranger’s attitudes towards me changed and I think that there is an association in my mind between saving supplies from landfill and saving other’s from “the scrapheap of life” that disabled people often feel themselves left on when employment opportunities don’t seem to exist.

[All links accessed on 10/4/19]

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