Assignment Three: Colour Communication – The Brief and Selection Process

The aims of this assignment are to:

  • employ a process of evaluation and selection of my own work
  • demonstrate effective design, layout and presentation skills in the visual communication and presentation of my work.

The brief is to use the work from Projects One and Two to develop and create a beautifully presented colour resource book.

The first stage of this process was to lay out as much of the work as possible and decide what were the stronger and weaker pieces. The aim is to select the most interesting colour work from each of the four exercises.

One thing that struck me as soon as I laid out all the work was how much seemed to go together. Given that each exercise was completely different, with different inspiration sources it surprised me to the colour palette had largely coalesced to become fairly cohesive.

With the cohesion of the work in mind, I decided to include all the work from Exercise 3.1 and Exercise 3.2. I then chose to extend the watercolour studies from Exercise 3.3 to include a yarn wrap inspired by the stripes painted. I decided that the ‘simple’ collage (shown below) from Exercise 3.4 was the piece of work that didn’t fit with the rest.

I decided to create a ‘simple’ striped collage to replace it which would follow on from the stripes created earlier in the book and also create a visual bridge to the ‘complex’ collage which was inspired by quilting but is also a more complex layout of striped sections. The second ‘simple’ collage can be seen below.

Once I had collated all the pages I decided to learn Japanese stab binding as this technique will allow me to take the book apart again following my tutor’s feedback and make any necessary changes. There were numerous tutorials online and I have listed the one used for guidance in the references section at the bottom of this post.

Rather than over the outside of the book in paper, I chose to try to ice dye cotton fabric in the dominant colours of the contents of the book. I used Colourcraft C&A Ltd’s Procion mx Dyes in turquoise, ultramarine, magenta, golden yellow and scarlet in different proportions to reflect the colours in the book. The set up I used can be seen in the photograph below. The fabric on the tier below was a canvas bag that I used to see whether I could dye a second fabric using the dye that dripped out of the bottom and would otherwise go to waste.

I also chose to create two endpapers to finish the covers with. I decided to use the inside of envelopes (papers used in the collage section) which I collaged to create interest from one envelope pattern. I created one in black and one in blue as I liked the symmetry of having similar papers used for both endpapers but wanted the subtle transition of black and white to colour as you flick through the book.

The final colour book can bee seen here.


Tutorial: Japanese Stab Binding (DIY Bookbinding) (18/03/2012) (Accessed on 24/03/2019)

Holdmann, E. Learn How to Ice Dye (Accessed on 24/03/2019)

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