Review Point: Quality of Outcome

For this module Quality of Outcome is worth 20% of the marks and is defined as ‘content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas’. This criteria will be particularly pertinent to Assignment Three so I thought I would pause and take stock at this point and try to pinpoint my current strengths and weaknesses.


Content is one of the criteria that I find very subjective. I like much more of my work from this section as it feels like I am putting more of my personal spin on the exercises whilst trying to fulfil the brief. However whether this translates to “good quality content” in an assessment sense I am less confident.

Application of knowledge

Where possible I have tried to apply newly learnt knowledge to later tasks. For example I referenced Exercise 3.3: Watercolour Studies in some of my collages created in Exercise 3.4: Collage Studies.

Presentation of work in a coherent manner

I am aware that whilst my online blog is cross referenced fairly comprehensively, my hard copies of work are not currently organised as well (as mentioned in my tutor feedback here). I am aware that I need to lay out my work from Part Three and select key pieces for Assignment Three after reading ahead and once I have done that task I will collate my paperwork into a more coherent sketchbook system. I will admit that I have found the structure of this course more complicated to layout in real life as particularly in this section earlier work is pulled together into the Assignments instead of the assignments being stand alone pieces of work. I think once I have reviewed each section and am more confident about what I want to submit for final assessment, it will be easier to put my sketchbook together as I am not keen on having to keep removing sections for fear of damaging the work.


This is one of the key criteria that will be relevant in selecting work for Assignment Three.

Conceptualisation of thoughts

My tutor feedback from Part Two echoed my own sentiments about more personal work being stronger and so I have tried to continue to be brave in pushing the exercises in directions that feel more personal and less formulaic or just fulfilling the brief for the sake of it.

Communication of ideas

It will be interesting to revisit this criteria when I have finished Assignment Three as although I feel that I am getting better at explaining my thoughts and processes in text, I am keen to see if these thoughts come across from the work alone.

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