Research: Hockney revisited

Following on from my tutor’s feedback on Assignment One I have obtained a copy of a Tate Introduction on Hockney and took another look at the way that he employs digital techniques in particular.

According to Helen Little’s introduction to Hockney, he has “always been committed to the idea of art as a product of technique rather than history”. In the 21st century Hockney saw the possibilities offered by the latest digital technology. In 2007 Hockney used digital photography and Photoshop to “enable him to track the progress of the composition”. Hockney was drawn to the digital advantage of instantly being able to make changes or add layers. By 2010, Hockney had been making photo-collages for twenty-eight years but then extended this to video collage. I am intrigued by the way that he uses multiple viewpoints and a collage technique to create immersive works. Although he uses screens to show the videos, Hockney often prints the works he has created on his iPad onto multiple sheets of paper which means that the final results are much larger than the sketches at the time of creation.


Little, H. (2017) Hockney (Tate Introductions) London: Tate Publishing

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