Assignment Two: Reflections on Feedback

My tutor’s feedback was generally very encouraging and she raised a few points for reflection:

  • My tutor commented that the range of interesting manipulated paper surfaces and textures however she noted that all the samples were very two dimensional. The question she asked was “[i]s this because you prefer 2D, or tend to work more naturally in 2D as opposed the 3D?” I have had to reflect for a significant period of time on something that is seemingly a simple question. My initial reaction was that I do prefer to work 2D however I have also been designing a lot of clothing which needs to consider “non-standard” body types and does require the ability to think three dimensionally and have an understanding of the required geometry. I have come to the conclusion that I feel more comfortable working my stitching onto 2D surfaces which I am sure comes from a practical perspective with my mobility difficulties. I have a strong interest in creating work that is either wearable or allows people to physically enjoy the tactile qualities of textiles (perhaps from having many friends who have sensory impairments too) but I think my preference will always be to create 3D objects or pieces from 2D surfaces that have been stitched or embellished in some way.
  • It was noted that many of the samples I created are very fragile and I accept that I need to consider how I submit these samples for assessment in a more considered manner. I had been taking the earlier instruction to place work in a folio a little too literally and have missed having a working sketchbook alongside my course. Moving forward I intend to collate my work in a dedicated sketchbook to help me organise my work and thoughts although some samples etc may need to be mounted on separate sheets for practical purposes.
  • The feedback also noted that the samples from my assignment are very tactile but my tutor singled out the ‘confetti’ which she noted “has the potential to be used in fashion” and asked whether this was something I was interested in. I was surprised when I read this as I have recently set up a not-for-profit social enterprise which designs, adapts and makes adapted clothing and accessories for people with disabilities. I had not thought that this enterprise had influenced my coursework but perhaps there was a subconscious association when I was considering the drape of the fabrics for example.
  • My tutor suggested I read Textural Space: contemporary Japanese textile art and my notes on this book can be found here.
  • The other suggestion made was to look at Mary Katrantzou’s ss2018 collection (which can be found here) and how she uses exaggerated floral imagery to create very dynamic outcomes. A selection of her looks including floral imagery from this collection are shown below. Although many of the designs used a very busy design, Katrantzou has carefully selected where the brightly coloured parts of the fabric have been placed and draws the eye across the outfit. The exaggerated size of the print has been reinforced by the large volume of many of the skirts. On reflection, it may have been interesting to have created a much larger flower with large splashes of colour in the middle piece of Assignment 2 which would create the feeling of vitality and abundance. Keeping the first and third pieces more monochromatic would then play with the idea of cyclical natural processes including how everything derives from and returns to Earth.

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