Assignment Two: Written reflection

I found Part 2 went much more smoothly than Part 1 and was glad to start working with textiles. Putting the work from this section together to send to my tutor there are a couple of samples that I did not take forward for assignment 2 however I would like to use them at some point in the future (shown below). 

Completing this section I realised that I cannot stand creating French knots and find hand sewing tedious unless it is on a really small scale. This probably shouldn’t surprise me due to having poor proprioception and pain in my hands. 

I enjoyed the freedom of free motion embroidery as a way to sketch without having to grip a pencil or other drawing implement. My later free motion stitching appears to be more technically correct as I borrowed my mother’s sewing machine which provided more consistent tension. This is most noticeable in the final pieces as the reverse looks almost identical to the front, something which cannot be said when I attempted free motion on my very basic machine. It might be interesting to combine this ability to sketch on a sewing machine with the silk painting that I have done in the past. I also enjoyed trying to create a variety of base textiles to work on and would like to continue this exploration moving forward. I am looking forward to playing with colour more as I am intrigued to see how colour applied with fabric paint and dye differs and how textures are affected by colour application.

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Reflecting on the assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for the assignments are as follows:

  • Demonstration of technical and visual skills– materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skill (40%)
  • Quality of outcome– content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas (20%)
  • Demonstration ofcreativity– imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice (20%)
  • Context– reflection, research, critical thinking (20%)

Looking at these criteria I think that my final pieces for assignment two are starting to show a personal voice as I am trying not to take the briefs literally, instead using them as a spring board to explore my own themes. I am not convinced by the success of the final outcome as I feel that the pieces lack some crucial detail. There are clear links between them but I feel like they might be too similar and need an element of juxtaposition to make them more interesting. I couldn’t work out what was missing but maybe moving forward will give me an idea in the future. 

I enjoyed trying out different techniques but feel like I have a tendency to stick to those that I feel most comfortable with rather than challenge myself. Generally I hope that my work is presented in a coherent manner as I try to link parts together and make both my physical submissions and my blog easy to navigate. I have also been trying hard in this module to reflect regularly on my responses to the exercises and assignments.

I think that my biggest weaknesses are not researching widely enough and forgetting to note links to research in my blog. For instance, the nuno felting attempt was prompted by meeting Jenny O’Leary at the Knitting and Stitching show and on reflection I can see a slight influence from the work of Cas Holmes who’s work I admire. 

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