Assignment Two: Stitching into the base textiles

My initial idea is to move from bud to full flower to decaying petal across the three textiles. The qualities that we need to take into account in this assignment and how I plan to tackle them are as follows:

  1. Directions of stitch and creating lines
  2. Using stitch to create texture
  3. Deconstructing and recessing
  4. Building relief
  5. Looking at the reverse
  6. Repetition/scale/placement

Directions of stitch and creating lines

The stitching for the bud piece will be free motion embroidered onto the weaving like the earlier stitching on the paper sample.

The stitching on the last sample will be directional like the paper sample below as the intermittent nature of the stitching will underscore the idea of the flower decaying.

The stitching on the second piece that will ease the transition from machine sewing to the decayed piece is a more difficult to visualise and I think I will choose what I am going to do when the other pieces are complete.

Using stitch to create texture

I want to use the stitching on the decayed piece to increase the amount of texture. The way I plan to do this is by tying the stitches behind so that the shorter lengths of thread cause the fabric to buckle.

Deconstructing and recessing

The base fabric of the second piece seems a little underwhelming at the moment so I have decided that I am going to attempt to make it more interesting by adding a second layer using a sheer fabric which is printed with texture using textile paint and reverse appliquéing.

Building relief

I haven’t decided how to build relief into the pieces so I intend to keep this in the back of my mind and respond to the work as it progresses.

Looking at the reverse

This will be something that I come back to as I am stitching as I cannot predict what will happen before starting!


I am considering whether to create a repetitive motif of buds and free motion embroider them onto the weaving which would also show how the image can appear to change as it is sewn onto different textures of weaving.

I think that as I have created base textiles that are roughly the same scale, I will vary the scale of the stitched imagery. I plan to make the buds the smallest and then increase the scale of the stitching as I move from piece to piece to give the impression of moving closer or zooming in.

The second textile was created so that there is a clear difference in hand across the piece. The firmer corner of the textile will be ideal to represent the centre of the flower and I intend to create petals that come out of the centre with more drape. I might try to find a way for these petals to spill off the edges or come out of the plane of the base textile. The placement of the motifs are experimented with in these sketches:

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