Assignment Two: Stitching – Placed and Spaced. The Base Textiles

The Base Textiles

For the base textile of the bud I decided to create a woven fabric of my own similar to the sample that I created above. I decided to only work with the double knit yarns and to intersperse sections of texture between plain weave. I used two different tones of white yarn to emphasise the texture difference. I chose weave patterns that mimicked lines from my sketches and as I didn’t want to make the weaving too complicated I chose to weave these in bands. The textured sections often feel more dense so I decided that I could increase the depth of the bands by (roughly) doubling the depth each time which means that the last section will became the bottom of the fabric rather than the top.

The second base textile was made from woven strips of a variety of the fabrics used in the free motion embroidery sample. I organised them from densest to finest so that the drape of the fabric changed across the textile. I will probably weave yarns from the first sample into the textile before I start stitching to make the three pieces cohesive but I intend to plan out what and how I want to stitch onto this first so that I can weave the yarns into the most appropriate places.

The final base textile was a larger version of the free motion embroidery sample. Unfortunately I got carried away and started to stitch into it before I remembered to take a photograph so here is a reminder of the sample from the previous post:

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