Exercise 2.1: Selecting

The aim of this exercise is to work on evaluating and reviewing previous work to make effective selection that will inform the next stage of development.

The overall aim of Project 1 is to distance the textile work from the original visual sources. I wanted to select the six sketches from across the 3 projects of Part One to ensure that I focus on pushing the work forward rather than take too much influence from the observations of one item.


I chose the drawing above as it has a variety of line shapes (curved and angular). The rubbing below had a variety of textures and I can imagine the dots as french knots for example.




The hat sketch above is probably my favourite from Part One as it has a variety of types of marks and felt freeing and energetic in the process of making it. The continuous line sketch would work as a stitched line and I can see myself recreating sections of this using free motion embroidery on the sewing machine.


I am drawn to the delicate feel of the close up hat sketch and the way in which delicate marks can build to create the illusion of solidity (of the bees). I enjoyed creating the pyrography sketches as there was an unpredictable element in the process as you cannot tell how quickly the card you are passing the tool over will burn (much in the way that a plant does not decay evenly)


Finally, I am drawn to the close up sketch below as I can imagine this as a textile piece composed of different layers of fine/sheer fabrics perhaps?


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