Assignment One: Reflections on feedback

The feedback that I received from my tutor following the submission of assignment one was very encouraging and she has given me some brilliant ideas that I am eager to try out.

Some key points that I will need to bear in mind moving forward:

  • Sketches that my tutor picked out as good sources of inspiration
  • Each of these images could be developed further by photocopying on acetate/tracing paper and then layering them over other surfaces of drawings to create more complex layered images.
  • The use of pyrography to evoke the idea of decay could be developed further by exploring different layouts and placements of the imagery which could be manipulated digitally. By scanning these images into a computer, layered images, drawings and designs could then be developed.
  • My tutor noted that I am having trouble with the physical demands of drawing on a large paper despite wanting to explore scale. She has suggested that I could enlarge some of my drawings on a scanner/photocopier to see the impact that a change in scale has and this is something that I am excited to try.
  • When I compared the sketches that my tutor highlighted with the ones I initially chose in Exercise 2.1, we have selected many of the same works. Interestingly my tutor also picked out a couple of the bolder sketches. I agree that they stand out as a contrasting style and think that initially I avoided picking them as I can’t immediately see how I would convert them into stitched work that would retain the same feel as the sketch. On reflection, to challenge myself I am going to switch the fineliner sketch I initially chose here for the ink and brush paisley coat sketch.

Other points:

  • It has been recommended that I take another look at Hockney‘s work and his use of photography for inspiration. I was aware on submitting this assignment that I hadn’t done as much research on textile artists as I would have liked so this is an area that I plan to focus on to broaden my sources for ideas and inspiration.
  • My tutor also rightly pointed out that I had neglected to make links between my own work and that of artists that I had looked at such as Elizabeth Blackadder, William Morris and Tord Boontje. I am sure that William Morris’ designs were an influence on the delicate style of the pyrography sketches and I can see that if I use my tutor’s suggestion of digitally manipulating them I may be able to create repeats. It may also be helpful for me to have an “Ideas” page on my blog as somewhere to keep the little thoughts I have on techniques I want to explore in future as a way to archive ideas for the inevitable “creative block” striking.

Overall I was pleased with my feedback as there were points where I wondered whether I was completely going off track with some of my work. Getting positive feedback on some of these more “off the wall” pieces has given me the confidence to continue to explore and push the boundaries of the course notes.

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