Exercise 1.7 Sources and media

I decided to restrict my drawing inspiration to only a few flowers to focus on trying to portray them in a variety of ways. The images below show my selection:


I also intend to let the flowers wilt so that the petals form more twisted and textured shapes.

I will use a variety of “traditional” drawing materials before moving onto using printing methods, collage and digital techniques. I particularly want to push my use of collage as this is not something that comes naturally however I did enjoy focussing on the abstract shapes in the weave of the coat to create this collage:


As much as I used to like the freedom of working on a large scale, I discovered in the archive project that my current back problems make it painful to sketch beyond A3. To provide an alternative technique, rather than go bigger on this project I am going to extend my use of digital techniques and experiment on a variety of devices.

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