Exercise 1.6: Detail and Definition

The aims of this exercise are to:

  • look closely and with attention to the fine detail of your archive textiles
  • represent this detail through a self-directed approach to your drawing

There were so many details in these items that I could have chosen so I decided to create a small focused collection using the same media, papers and scale. As I was going through a bad patch with my back I decided to keep the scale to A4 and used a simple 4B pencil but trying to create a variety of marks. I chose a 90g cartridge paper to draw on as it was light to echo the delicacy of the hat.

The straw hat had interesting details in the form of labels and a small patch of damage that I wanted to capture:


The Pissot & Pavy Ltd makers label was very close to the edge of the georgette band on the inside of the hat so there was the variety of textures from the label itself, the georgette band and the woven straw. I tried to use slightly different marks for each of these textures.

The second sketch was of the damaged portion of the woven straw. I attempted to make marks which suggested the direction of the twists.

As this is an archive item, it also has a small archive label lightly tacked in which shows its archive reference number. The archive label has a much more obvious weave which I tried to portray with light marks.


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