Assignment One: Drawing Folio Written Reflection

When I first received the course notes I was very excited to get started and found the tasks very intriguing. As I had already visited my local textile archive for a charity project I was particularly looking forward to getting onto Project 2. Unfortunately my health this summer has hampered my progress to an extent that I was unprepared for. I found having to keep pausing my studies meant that this part of the course has felt like a hard slog rather than the enjoyable process I had expected.

Collating the drawing folio for Assignment One has been a positive experience as it was only when I pulled all the work from Part One together that I realised that I have been more successful than I remembered in my attempts to use a broad range of marks. It has also become clear that although I may have had strong ideas about what I wanted to do when I started each project (as can be seen in my notes from Exercise 1.7), I did not restrict myself to these when other ideas presented themselves organically when undertaking the work.

I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed using techniques that I previously wouldn’t have used. I hadn’t previously considered techniques such as the collages produced in Exercise 1.5 as drawing and had a slightly dismissive attitude to digital drawing as I somehow felt the ability to undo strokes was somehow ‘cheating’. Project One will act as a good inspiration source for future work as a quick flick through the variety of techniques will help next time I hit a ‘creative block’. I still think that making a wide variety of marks is not something that comes naturally to me but I will continue to push myself in future.

Word count: 297

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