Exercise 1.5: Collage and creases

The aims of this exercise are to:

  • expand my means of drawing by using paper material and materials to capture further aspects of my archive pieces through collage
  • explore placement, composition and contrasting surfaces in the depiction of form through collage

I wanted to explore different aspects of the textiles through collage.

I started by using heavy papers to represent the thick material of the paisley coat but chose a variety of tones to focus on suggesting the structure of the collar. I tore the paper to ensure that there was a softer line between the tones to suggest the blend of shadows on the fabric depending on the angle of the fabric to the light.

In the second collage I wanted to represent the fine detail of the weave of the coat. I used a combination of found papers and the blue paper was printed using a gelli plate and white printing ink to tone down the original colour of the paper. Printing onto the blue paper also gave a sense of multiple tones within the yarn rather than it being a solid matt colour. By tearing the paper I was able to get the impression of the wispy texture of the yarns.


I found myself enjoying this task and have a new appreciation for collage as it was far more time consuming than I expected (particularly when altering papers with printing to create the second collage). I intend use this technique in future as it is challenging to reimagine a fabric or item using a stack of random papers and materials. I am now collecting up any and every piece of paper I come across for future collages!


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