Research: David Hockney and Nature

The aim of this research point is to investigate the flowers, trees, plants and still-life drawings of David Hockney found here.

It can be seen that for David Hockney there is a strong shift towards drawing trees in the 2000s. Many of his sketches are highly stylised and the trees are often depicted with highly expressive marks that capture the distant texture of the tree rather than botanical accuracy. During this period most of his sketches are completed in charcoal which is made from organic matter and has a resonance with the subject.

Hockney’s latter work has moved towards sketching digitally on computer, iPad or iPhone. By limiting himself to a restricted scale, particularly on an iPhone, there is an economy of marks to create the suggestion of plants. There is also a shift from black and white to vibrant colour.

[All links accessed on 2/12/18]

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