Introductory Project: Stage 2 – Observing Qualities

This stage of the project was intended to try to capture the qualities, components and construction of the items gathered to represent an Iced Landscape. Below are the sketches that I made:

I started by working in a sketchbook to get back into the swing of sketching. I immediately realised that I had reverted back towards my teenage habit of working on a tiny scale so got hold of some A1 paper to try to loosen up again:

The image on the left is a quick sketch of some irregular shaped beads using broad sweeps of hard pastel and the sketch on the right is a very close study of the texture of a piece of fleece material in soft woodless charcoal.

As  I was having problems with my wrist I was finding it difficult to apply a lot of force and get darker lines so switched to using pen and ink:

All drawings above were done on A4 paper. The bottom left drawing was done with a fineliner and the image has been enlarged on the right to make it easier to see more detail. The sketch on the bottom right was done using a brush pen. Top right used a dip pen however I only had a very fine nib so I will have to invest in a broader nib for larger work. I attempted to capture the fine texture of the velvet by focussing on the direction of the pile. Admittedly this was done very small however the fine nib made it difficult to work much bigger and imply the same amount of texture. Top left is a pastel rubbing on newsprint of the mosaic which showed a very different interpretation of the texture drawn on A2 below:

The sketch on the right was done using charcoal and I attempted to capture the slightly rough texture of the creased paper that creates the mountain.

The sketches above are done on roughly A4 paper. The top sketch is watercolour pencil to try to capture the translucency of the glass jug. The middle sketch is another attempt to sketch the irregular beads using a larger range of tones. The bottom piece was an attempt to focus on the shadows cast within the folds of the velvet.

On reflection, for sketching I would have made my own life easier if I had selected items with a bigger variety of textures that were more clearly visible. However choosing items with more subtle textures has encouraged me to think harder about how to represent these and presented a greater challenge.

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