Introductory Project

The brief instructs us to choose one of the four following themes:

  • Tropical Tourist
  • Style Lounge
  • Iced Landscape
  • Nature’s Larder

My chosen theme for this project was Iced Landscape. 

Stage 1: Gathering materials

Below are images of my attempts to represent the vision I have in my mind. To start with I created a mind map which included some of the words, links and associations the theme created:

Iced Landscape

I collected up images that associated with the theme:

By printing the mind map onto tracing paper I was able to construct layers which echoed the layers in my thinking, which were surrounded with colour samples of relevant colours. In a way it does look like a bit of a mess though that probably reflects the muddle in my brain most of the time!

As I fell ill almost as soon as I got these course materials, I have probably had far too long to mull over possible objects lying around the house which may fit this theme. The list I came up with included:

  • A baby polar bear I needle felted myself
  • A mammoth beanie baby
  • Crystals and beads
  • Shimmery/voile fabric
  • Glass/crystal glasses/dishes
  • Ice cubes
  • A mosaic base I created for our Christmas decorations
  • In fact many Christmas decorations
  • Snowflake earrings

The course notes state ‘You can’t build an entire ‘iced landscape’ in your room, or on your work surface’ which my rather bored mind seemed to take as the instructor throwing down the gauntlet and I gradually put the following image together.


With luck I will feel up to starting the sketching and looking at some of these items in more detail soon!

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